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10 Perfect Gifts to Get Teachers at the End of Term

The end of term is the perfect time to show appreciation for the teachers who have worked throughout the school year. Finding the right gift can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the top 10 gifts to get teachers at the end of term that will bring a smile to their faces.

The Importance of End-of-Term Teacher Gifts

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the minds of young learners. A thoughtful gift is a great way to express gratitude and acknowledge their hard work and dedication. The gesture can mean a lot, whether a small token or something more personalised.

1. Personalised Teacher Mug


Personalised mugs are a favourite among teachers. They are practical and add a personal touch, making the gift more meaningful. You can have their name, a special message or a funny quote printed on the mug.

From £9.99

Personalised tote bags make wonderful teacher presents due to their practicality and originality. Teachers carry books, papers, and supplies; a sturdy tote bag helps them stay organised.
Personalising the bag with their name or message is a gesture that shows your appreciation. Every time they use the bag, they will be reminded of your gratitude and thoughtfulness.

From £10

Book tokens are great gifts for teachers because they let teachers choose books they want or need. Teachers love to read and learn new things, so a book token allows them to pick something they want. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you appreciate their passion for knowledge.
They can use the tokens to buy books for their classroom, which helps other students, too. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to thank them for all their hard work and dedication.

From £6.99

A personalised pencil tin is both practical and thoughtful. Teachers need to keep their stationery organised, and a custom tin with their name or a unique design can make this task more enjoyable.

We have a choice of blue, pink, or silver, and our product designer tool makes it simple to customise the pencil tin.


A personalised coaster is an excellent gift for a teacher because it’s both practical and thoughtful. Teachers have hot drinks on their desks, and a coaster helps keep their workspace clean.

Adding your personal touch, like the teacher’s name or a message, shows appreciation for their hard work and makes the gift unique. It’s a simple way to let them know they are appreciated.

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When the end of term arrives, teachers will be cracking open the beers to celebrate.

You can add their favourite football team, pet, or even the school logo to the keyring. They will appreciate the gift when they open bottles over the summer!


Wax melts are an excellent gift for creating a relaxing atmosphere. They come in various scents, so you will find one your teacher loves. Unlike candles, they don’t have a wick, so they last longer and provide a consistent fragrance.
Consider scents like lavender for relaxation, vanilla for a cosy feel, or citrus for a refreshing aroma.

From £10

An Amazon gift card is a great teacher gift because it allows them to choose what they truly need or want. Teachers can use it to buy various items, from books and classroom supplies to personal treats and gadgets.
An Amazon gift card is easy to give. It can be delivered digitally, making it convenient for you and the teacher.

From £3.99

A personalised car air freshener is a good teacher gift idea because it combines practicality with a personal touch.

Add a picture of their pet, class, or favourite football player or actor.

It’s a small, thoughtful gift that makes their daily routine more enjoyable and reminds them of your gratitude every time they drive.

10. Homemade Baked Items

From £3.99

Teachers love homemade baked treats like muffins or cookies, they show that you put time and effort into making something special.
It is a tasty way to show appreciation for teaching your kids throughout the year and helping them grow.
They don’t have to cost the earth; you can even let the kids decorate them and maybe lick the spoon!


What makes a good end-of-term gift for teachers?

A suitable end-of-term gift for teachers is something considerate and practical that reflects their interests and shows appreciation for their hard work.

Are personalised gifts better for teachers?

Personalised gifts often hold more sentimental value, making them great for showing appreciation.

Can I give homemade gifts to teachers?

Yes, homemade gifts like baked goods or handmade soaps can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.

What should I avoid when choosing a gift for a teacher?

Avoid personal items like clothing, jewellery, and gifts that may be seen as too expensive or inappropriate.

Is it better to give a practical or a sentimental gift?

Practical and sentimental gifts can be great choices depending on the teacher’s personality and preferences.

How can I make a gift card more personal?

Pairing a gift card with a handwritten note or a thoughtful item can make it more personal and unique.

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