Let Me Check My Giveashitometer Mug


Introducing the “Let Me Check My Giveashitometer” Mug – Because Some Days, Caring Is Just Too Mainstream!

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Are you tired of pretending to care about things that are, frankly, just not on your radar? Enter the Giveashitometer Mug, the official vessel for those who’ve mastered the art of not giving a single sip.

Picture this: You’re in a meeting, and your boss is rambling on about the importance of TPS reports. Instead of nodding like everyone else, take a casual sip from your Giveashitometer Mug, and let the subtle message sink in. Your coworkers will envy your newfound ability to measure your give-a-shit level precisely.

Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, because who has the time or energy to hand-wash anything? The bold, cheeky design ensures that your colleagues, friends, and family will get a good chuckle as you proudly display your apathy.

Whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a mysterious liquid of your choosing, let the world know that you’ve got your priorities straight – and giving a shit just isn’t one of them.

So, why bother with a care-o-meter when you can proudly wield the Giveashitometer Mug? Order yours now and start embracing a life of blissful indifference!

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